An Open Invitation

Mad Mark and Angela here... We are currently the leaders of the Light & Shadow clan. Whether you are new to Puddleby, or a veteran to its dangers, you are probably reading this because you want to be part of a clan. Many think of clans as secret cults, letting only a few select people in, or simply a name, that can offer no benefits to them. The Light & Shadow clan is like an extended family, offering protection, education, and friendship to all who are willing to be involved.

Most of us were exiled to the Lok'groton island chain where Puddleby is located. Others chose to come here to bring aid, comfort, and a touch of civilization to the wilderness. Others still are those who were born here. Whatever the reason, Puddleby is our home and a dangerous home it is. The many animals are ferocious and readily attack anyone outside a few protected areas of town. There are also horrible creatures, modified by magic, into evil abominations to ambush the unwary explorer. In addition, Emperor Mobius has also exiled many gangs of thieves, murderers and other scumbags who continue to do their evil deeds.

The many dangers in the lands, make banding together a necessity for protection. In addition, when practicing the exercises taught by the various masters, we share our education with our clanmates, thus making the lesson easier to complete. These are the Light & Shadow Clan's main goals. To provide both physical and mental protection against those that would destroy or injure us. In so doing, we become better able to help those around us who are in need, and may progress to a point of eventually being able to overthrow the evil Emperor Mobius, who exiled so many wrongfully.

Every person in the Light & Shadow Clan is a representative of the clan as a whole and so they are expected to be on their best behavior at all times. This does not mean sacrificing your individuality or any other affliliations. It does mean to be helpful and kind, and to remember that we were all newbies at one time.

If you would like to be a member of our clan, you must dedicate yourself to doing good, to not resent those that do not thank you for it, and to truly enjoy interacting with others. It does not matter if you did evil on the Western Continent; you have started a new life here. To apply for membership, click on the "Join Us" and follow the instructions.

We hope that you choose to join our clan, and to face the dangers of Lok'groton together. See you soon in Puddleby!


With Respect,

Mad Mark and Angela