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The face in the moon sees the injustice of the world and the glowing sun will shine the light of truth and hope.

Information about Moonshadow

Life Before Puddleby

Moonshadow was raised on a remote farm on the Western continent by somewhat liberal Sylvan parents that taught him to speak out against justice and to 'be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for the world'. Great ideals, but not the best advice in a land where questioning authority is not welcomed. His uncle once told him 'a closed mouth gathers no feet', which in retrospect may have been good advice, but didn't sink in at the time.

Once he was old enough he set out on his own to make a difference, and found trouble instead. He quickly made enemies once he reached the big cities after speaking his mind once to often in a public place. He learned to 'walk the walk & not just talk the talk' by having to back up some of his ideas with his fists. His outspoken questioning of the status quo, his sarcastic humor, and his sometimes radical ideas made him popular among the townsfolk, but very unpopular to those with the power, and thus he was exiled.

Life In Puddleby

Now somewhat older & wiser, he resides in Puddleby and seeks to become a fighter, not only against the monsters in the lands, but also a fighter for justice and truth. He is still looking for a way to make a difference, to help those in need, and to win that victory for the world before he dies. Its not easy, but somebodies gotta do it.