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The face in the moon sees the injustice of the world and the glowing sun will shine the light of truth and hope.

Information about Lokiz

Life Before Puddleby

I do not know my origin. First thing I remember is awakening in Puddleby one day broke, and hungry with nothing but the robe on my back and the Club in my hand. I decided that I would tell the world who I was when I found out that I was not the only one like myself in the world. And finding out that I was Fen'Neko (The People), I went out into this world looking for my Place in life.

Life In Puddleby

After Finding out who, and What I was the First thing I had to do was Eat, but the food here is scarce, So I made do by clubbig rats, and cooking them in one of the local huts that had a fire when I found it to be abandoned.

Afterwards I found I was really handy with my club, and getting stronger, so I decided to become a fighter, and work on increasing my skills, and possibly help those that were in need of protection.

In my adventures I have battled Beasts of all strengths from the smallest rat to the Most fearsome Orga Wrath to which I have seen 20 men fall to in one battle.

I have also battled the Myrm, an Extremely large version of the common ant; The Undine, Undead of all shapes an sizes unable to find that peacful rest; Orga's of all sizes including the Ferociuos Orga Wrath; Wedndeka's an ape like race with the strength of many men; and the Horrifying Greymyrs, a race of Stone Golems that seem almost impossible to see until it is too late.

I eventually Met up with a kindly Dwarf named Chuckey that taught me somthing about this vast world, and has been in some really dangerous battles with me, and he eventually told me of the Clan, and introduced me to Our fair Leader Jeanne.

In writing this down I am hoping that somewhere sometime I may actually know where I am from, and how I came to be on this miserable world full of violance.